JAISALMER – A land of Sand Dunes and Historical Sonar Fort

Jaisalmer is famous tourist place of Rajasthan with Lots of Historical Monuments and Thar Desert of Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer was Founded by Maharawal Jaisal Singh in the Year 1156 A.D .The Jaisalmer word is derived from the  Word

Jaisal from( Jaisal Singh King) -Mer  from(Meru Hill). 

Jaisalmer has many places of Interest and Sight Seens points,Best time to visit Jaisalmer is from Aug -March.The Jaisalmer can be seen and covered all the places in 3 days of Tour Package.

Some of Important Places of Sightseeing are Listed below:-

  • Gadisar Lake
  • Sonar Killa
  • Amar Sagar Temple
  • Jaisalmer_Fort_in_Jaisalmer_BmyRaahi_Cropped_1_edited_1
  • Mandir Palace
  • Nathmal Haveli
  • Patwa Haveli